MomForce Network

The Resource for Mothers

The MomForce Network, with operations in Knoxville and Chattanooga, TN is the only organization dedicated to be the advocate for the professional mother.

Our vision is to use our collective voice to uplift professional mothers by:

  1. Providing Flexible Employment Opportunities. MomForce connects modern, forward-thinking employers to professional, educated moms who are excited to contribute to the workforce in a permanent part-time, flexible full-time, job-shared or telecommute capacity.
  2. Hosting Personal and Professional Development Workshops. Women who are part of our network receive exclusive invitations to request and attend private workshops that are dedicated to developing women as mothers and professionals.
  3. Organizing Family-Friendly Networking Events. The MomForce team recognizes how powerful having a network of support can be. We organize family-friendly events designed to encourage MomForcers to network with each other and to allow our spouses and children the opportunity to do the same.