MomForce Network

oftenHow much weight did you gain during your pregnancy? How long did it take you to lose it? Are you breast-feeding or formula feeding? Aren’t you going to give your child a sibling? Are you sending your children to a public school or a private school? Do you believe in spanking? Are you buying your kids their first car?

And the question that started the MomForce Network: are you going back to work or staying home?

The truth is that we are the guiltier gender. Regardless of how you and your family answered any of the above questions, I bet you felt guilty at some point. Did you make the right decision? Are other women judging you if you chose something that they didn’t? Are you children going to be scarred for life because of that choice? Men don’t ask themselves or each other those questions nearly as much and they don’t doubt their decisions. We know that many men care about their families and children as much as we do, so why don’t they experience the same guilt? Do many of us do this to ourselves?

The MomForce question is simple: Could we be better, stronger, women, parents and professionals if we chose to use our collective voice to support the decisions that our peers make instead of judging them? Is it possible that we struggle to see other mother’s decisions through their lens instead of our own?

I think so. We deserve better and a little support goes a long way. The MomForce Network is here to lift you up, represent your voice in our communities and empower you to get your family to where they are supposed to be—wherever that is.

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