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by Certified Health Coach, Gary Harper

Exercise and a healthy lifestyle are important for both adults and children but sometimes it seems that we have more priorities that we have time.  Here are 10 great ways to get in some exercise and family bonding at the same time!

10.       Turn on the tunes.

Turn up the music and have a dance party. Start out with a time that is comfortable then add a minute or two each week.

9.         Nature

Go on a outdoor adventure. A bug hunt, mushroom hunt, tree hunt or other exploratory mission will be fun and work up a sweat.

8.         Old School Exercise

Get on the floor stretch and do jumping jacks, modified push ups, sit ups, etc!

  1. Walk

            Take a nice walk around the neighborhood.  Invite your neighbors.  Race the kids back to the house.

  1. Mall Walk

            Rainy day? Take to the local mall and count your laps.  Park in the bottom of the garage and take all the stairs.  You can do it!

  1. Role Model

            Be active and embrace an active lifestyle be a leader for your children.  Schedule time for adult exercise and make sure your kids know what and why you are doing it.

  1. Organized sports or activities

Enroll your children in a seasonal activity.  Organize family or neighborhood kickball, touch football or mini-golf contests.

  1. Hop the stairs

            Park in the last parking space, take the stairs and try to hop instead of walk.

  1. Play Ball

            Get out as many balls as you have, set a timer and play!

  1. KEEP IT FUN..SO THEY WANT MORE!!  Anything can be exercise if you are moving!



 For other ideas, reach out to Gary Harper at or 865.591.8140


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