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Written by MomSource Team Member, Lauryn McDowell

Growing up, I remember loving the smell of shoe polish. A few times a month, while my family would be sitting around in the living room, my dad would bring out his old toolbox with the rusted-off lid that contained his favorite brown and black polishes, brushes, rags, and saddle soap. I remember watching as he took his favorite shoes- the Johnpumps-2364722_1920ston and Murphy ones with the perforated insides and the black laces- and would spend hours carefully brushing, wiping, polishing, and shining until they were in pristine condition.

On other occasions, he would even bring me along, and I would ride in the truck with him on the way to the shoe repair store. I remember walking in and seeing the old cobbler with the deep lines in his face, and the black   dust covering his hands and creeping from beneath his fingernails. I loved the whirring of the machines, and the lines of completed shoes inhabiting
the pick-up shelves. It always amazed me how perfect each pair looked  when completed, like they hadn’t ever had anything wrong with them to begin with.

The MomSource Network team sees our Network this exact same way. When preparing for a transition, looking to jump back into the workforce, or maybe even negotiate for a promotion, there are steps we need to take to ensure that our valuable shoes are perfectly polished and positioned for success walking ahead.

That’s why we created U-Source, a six-week virtual professional development program dedicated to ensuring that you have the skills and tools you need to dive right in to the next chapter of your professional journey. Over the course of the program, you will participate in sessions that will fine tune your resume, boost your LinkedIn profile, get interview ready, and so much more!

You will work one-on-one with professional mentors to help polish, shine, and refine skills to
ensure you are ready for these next steps.

Applications are live now!

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