MomForce Network

For Employers

Why use the MomForce Network’s recruiting services?

Flexibility has a monetary value just like health insurance or vacation pay.

The MomForce Network is the only organization that specializes in connecting qualified candidates to the modern employers who want to use flexibility to recruit talent. And because our moms value flexibility over any other factor when returning to the workforce, we provide higher quality candidates more affordably. Not to mention, you get to have a relationship directly with your hire because MomForce only collects a one-time direct placement fee only after your new MomForcer begins exceeding your expectations.

About our candidates:

  • 90% of our moms are degree-holding (the other 10% have impressive professional experience!)
  • 99% of our moms prioritize flexibility over compensation or working in their specialty.
  • Mom candidates are available in every industry and specialty including: accounting, bookkeeping, advertising, marketing, office administration, engineering, project management, sales–everything!
  • Wide variety of candidates to fit your business’ schedule including work from home, few hours, limited days per week, flexible full-time as well as temporary or seasonal.
  • Deep, pre-vetted candidate pool at all times because our candidates are prepared to wait for the ideal opportunity.

About our process:

  1. All candidates are pre-screened, interviewed and define flexibility terms prior to consideration for any available position.
  2. Employer specifies key competencies to identify possible candidates based on both skill set and culture.
  3. Top candidates are selected and submitted for your review including resume, flexibility terms and salary requirements.
  4. Interviews scheduled on your behalf.
  5. Employment offers are made.
Congratulations, you just hired the best.

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