MomForce Network

For Moms

The MomForce Network is a group of women who have elected to come together in the spirit of uplifting one another. After all, being a mother is THE most important, most difficult career in the world. A little support can go a long way.

Flexible Employment

The MomForce Network truly believes that every mother deserves to have the opportunity to choose to work full-time outside the home, to work full-time inside the home or to choose a third option—do some of both!

The MomForce Network is the only organization that searches for employment opportunities designed to fit into your family’s routine. Our moms define their flexibility terms including days per week, # of hours, type of opportunity (part-time, telecommute, job-share, etc.) All moms can be confident knowing that all opportunities through MomForce are only with legitimate, professional organizations who are interested in using flexibility as a means to recruit talent. We do not offer direct sales or commission only opportunities. In addition, we never take any portion of our moms’ earnings.

Our Employment Process
  1. Join Our Network!
  2. Begin the vetting process in advance of position becoming available by completing your candidate profile and uploading your resume (if interested in flexible employment)
  3. Participate in your initial MomForce phone interview.
  4. Define flexibility terms and interest in other fields outside education/specialty.
  5. Attend interviews directly with potential employers.
  6. Accept an employment offer.

Congratulate yourself on being the best of both!

Personal/Professional Development

However, flexible employment is only part of our mission. We know that our women want the opportunity to support and lift one another up. Our events are scheduled in direct response to our moms’ requests like advice from an expert about how to install a car seat properly, how to finance your children’s education,or a great healthy cooking class. The MomForce Network offers personal/professional development designed to help us all grow.

We also know that you might need tips on how to re-write your resume after an absence from the professional world or tips on interviewing better, and don’t worry —we can help with those too.

Family-Friendly Networking

Have you ever felt like it is hard to make new friends that share the same family values?

We host family-friendly networking events that allow mommies, daddies and kiddos to all mingle in the same place. Think of it as a HUGE playdate. Our events are always changing and are sponsored by some of Knoxville’s MOST family-friendly businesses. Depending on the season, we may be bowling, picking berries, picnic-ing at the park or bouncing on inflatables! Whatever the activity, we hope to meet you and your family there!