MomForce Network

Find the answer all of your questions about who is the MomForce Network, how it all works and what you need to do to find your perfect position! Feel free to email your additional questions to to have your question included!

Q: How does the process work?                                                                                                                                                                                                                    A: The process works like this:                                                                                                                                                                                                                      1. Join the Network at                                                                                                                                                                   2. Wait on email instructions to schedule your initial MomForce phone interview. (This could take several weeks but should speed up soon).       3. Read and respond to MomForce Employment Opportunity emails for the positions that interest you.

Q: When will my interview be scheduled?                                                                                                                                                                                                 A: Our goal is to eventually interview every candidate within 2 weeks of Joining the Network. Unfortunately, due to overwhelming response, interviews are taking longer than expected currently. You can expedite the scheduling of your interview by emailing for urgent situations.

Q: What happens after I respond to an “Employment Opportunity” email?
A: Once you express your interest by responding to the email, your information will be forwarded to the employer for consideration. Candidates selected for an in-person interview with the employer will be contacted by the MomForce team.
**Replying to the email does NOT guarantee the opportunity to interview with the employer but rather is considered “applying” for the position.

Q: How long does it take a position to be filled?                                                                                                                                                                                      A: Our timeline is longer than you may expect. Positions usually are filled within 60 days.

Q: What is the next step after I have submitted my profile & resume on
A: You will be contacted via email to schedule your 30 minute phone interview with one of our recruiters.  *NOTE: The email will say it is being sent “via doodle” which is our interview scheduling software.  Please follow the instructions to choose your interview time slot.

Q: How long does it take to find a job? I’ve been waiting!
A: Our goal is not to find you “a job” but to find the “perfect position” for your skills, flexibility terms and desired salary. Some candidates find positions quickly and others wait several months. We always strive for being the best rather than the fastest.

Q: What if I’m not a mom?
A: MomForce was founded out of a need that we felt as mothers, however, we help all candidates that are interested in finding rewarding flexible employment. Being a mom is absolutely NOT a requirement.

Q: Is MomForce a “temp” service?
A: Certainly NOT. We are interested in finding long-term opportunities for our candidates. Our focus in on flexible full-time, permanent part-time, telecommute and job-shared opportunities. We do occasionally do short-term positions but we never take any portion of our moms wages and we do not move moms from job-to-job.

Q: How do you find the employers?
A: We have a team of dedicated moms who are focused exclusively on networking with potential employers and teaching the value of flexibility. We are entrenched in our communities as business leaders and are always selling the value of the incredible talent that is represented by our network.

Q: What type of positions do you hire for?
A: We hire all types of positions including writers, lawyers, accountants, administrative professionals, healthcare, marketing, information technology and more.

Q: How do you find candidates?
A: Through referral. We believe moms are our best advocate and the best judge of character. We intentionally focus our recruiting efforts on utilizing the power of our existing networks. We want you to tell a professional, educated, qualified mom that you know about us. We don’t want to post ads on craigslist or visit job fairs.

Q: What about men?
A: Our services are designed to help candidates who are seeking flexibility. While founded from a need experienced by many moms, we absolutely can help men, recent graduates, retirees and other candidates interested in the value of flexible employment. Being a mom is not a requirement.

Q: Do I have to submit a resume?
A: YES! It is imperative to allow both MomForce and potential employers to understand your strengths and skill sets. Candidates without a resume can not be considered for flexible employment. If you need to send an updated copy of your resume, email it to

Q: I haven’t worked in a LONG time. Is that okay?
A: Yes. There are plenty of great candidates who are interested in returning to work after a long absence. We can help you with the process and making the right decision about your new employer. Congratulations on returning to the workforce!

Q: What if I need insurance, retirement benefits, etc?
A: While we are always encouraging employers to consider benefits for flexible team members, it is a work in progress. Many employers do not offer insurance or retirement to candidates that do not work full-time in the office. We will specify in the Employment Opportunity email the hours, pay and if benefits are being offered.

Q: How much does it cost to Join the Network?
A: It’s free! The MomForce Network SERVES professional moms. Our goal is to find the perfect opportunity for your family. Our employers pay a one-time direct hire placement fee when they hire one of our great MomForcers! •

Q: Will my existing employer know if I send you my resume?
A: No. We only share your resume with employers after you have expressed interest in the position via the Employment Opportunity email. We do not contact your previous employers or references without your explicit consent.

Q: Are employers using MomForce exclusively to hire?
A: Most of our employers also use traditional recruitment methods to find full-time employees. We are asked to hire for many employers repeatedly because they realize how talented our MomForcers are!•

Q: What if it doesn’t work out between the MomForcers and the employer?
A: We have very low turnover. In fact, 98% of our candidates are still employed with their first placement. In the rare occasion that it does not work out, we find a new candidate for the employer.

Q: What if I know a mom in another city who is interested in flexible employment?
A: They can still Join the Network. There is an option to choose “other” for the city when they submit their profile. Occasionally, we have telecommute only positions where the candidate’s location does not matter.

Q: We need a MomForce Network in XYZ city. Is that possible?
A: Yes. We hope to be in 20 cities by 2020. Our Directors of Market Development are educated, professionals who know their communities better than anyone else. They believe in the value of flexible employment and have a passion for helping their candidates find a “perfect” position for their family. If you know a person in XYZ city that should join our team as the Director of Market Development then tell them to email!




Q: Why MomForce Network?
A: We deserve more than the all or nothing career choice that many moms feel that they are forced make. Its our to make the world an easier place for women to find the balance to be successful personally and professionally. Thank you.