MomForce Network

A Note from our Founder

Like many moms, the birth of my children (Avery and Reese) changed my world in unimaginable ways. My priorities, my faith, my world— a whole new reason to want to leave the world a better place.

And while I have never been known to be short of words, a new voice emerged. My passion is to see women commit to being the catalyst of change and to using our collective voice to raise each other up and support each other as women, as parents and as professionals.

My obligation to my family is clear—to raise healthy, happy children who contribute to making the world better than it was before them.

My obligation to the MomForce Network of women is to represent your passions, interests and goals as articulately as possible. I take my responsibility to being your voice extremely seriously and I always want your input.

I hope that I can make you proud.

With the greatest respect-


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